Searching For New Australian Bands?


Here at Australian Bands we find great new Australian Bands and introduce you to them.  Australia is well known around the world for producing unique and much loved music and top class bands.

The Band “Disco Nap” is our choice of the year. Triple J unearthed them and they played their first show at the Sounds of Spring festival in Brisbane.  As well as many shows around Australia, the also produced a video for their first single that featured for many weeks on prime time Rage.  This single called “The Soft Sell” can be heard below or on their myspace page.

Disco Nap decided to take risks musically by trying things they hadn’t tried before when playing in other bands. They had the courage to experiment and not care about the ‘rules’, their previous comfort zones, or what anyone thought about the results. This gave them the freedom to really be themselves.

They felt that it was important to “Admit to themselves that only a very small percentage of musicians actually make a living out of music. If you’re not making a living, and not enjoying it, there isn’t a lot of point continuing.” This fed their philosophy of removing any pre-conceived ideas about the project and concentrating on the small steps along the way, rather than thinking ten steps ahead and planing everything. They wanted Disco Nap to flow and feel organic.

Disco Nap’s fantastic debut album “Running Red Lights” is now available. You can find Disco Nap’s album on itunes or Amazon.com.

Australian Bands is excited to introduce you to the musical talent of Disco Nap.